Shin Kum Ho one of the pure Humanist in Korea 이메일주소

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432-1 Samhanri Daedeokmyeon, Anseong, Gyeonggi 456-832, Korea Map View
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Overview :
Today, he makes dream a reality with soil, water, wind and fire at Anseong.

He makes pottery by hands without the use of any machine or device such as when human first to create ceramics. He creates a single piece to put his soul and humanitarian beliefs with a lot of time and effort.


This is the belief in his pottery.

  1. Shin Kum Ho 30.4X24cm

  2. Shin Kum Ho 16.5X11cm

  3. Shin Kum Ho 15.5X12.5cm

  4. Shin Kum Ho 12X15cm

  5. Shin Kum Ho

  6. Shin Kum Ho

  7. Shin Kum Ho

  8. Shin Kum Ho

  9. Happy man Shin Kum Ho